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Website Design Service

on Wix, Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress
Prices start at £950

The price includes:

  • Selection of a website template

  • 2 designs on 2 templates with different fonts and layouts

  • Mobile friendly and responsive design

  • Construction of : your website home page -  top menu -  product pages -  product page design (for e-commerce) - bottom menu

The final price depends on the number of pages required

  • Setting up shipping charges and all the other settings to ensure a smooth customer journey (for e-commerce)

  • Assistance in domain registration and – if need be with your online payments operator (such as PayPal) 

  • Transfer/ Connection of your existing domain or

  • Setting up your new domain

  • Website SEO with most important keywords

  • Registration of the website with Google

  • Connection to Google Search Console

  • Synchronization of your e-commerce website with social media accounts

  • Synchronization of your e-commerce website with Email Service Provider (ESP)

  • Website testing before launch. Ensuring all aspects of the website are active

  • Website launch 

  • Website ownership transfer (website owned by the client with absolutely no tie policy)

What to expect?

After an initial chat, expect to receive 2 videos with 2 website projects.

Once you've selected your design, we will communicate on a regular basis within time frame specified in the contract. 

Average project completion is 30 days.

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