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Marketing Services

At Digital Maman, changing your website traffic into loyal customers is my mission.

In marketing, I believe in a holistic approach and that is why I offer affordably priced marketing services starting at £320/month. No project is too small for me so if you are looking for example for an email marketing expert who will design your monthly email(s), or need some help rebranding your website, do get in touch to discuss your requirements and budget. 



• Website Design and Building on

- Shopify

- Wix

- Squarespace

• Shopify Migration

• Email Marketing

• E-commerce Services Including Strategy and Management

• Social Media

- Content

- Strategy

- Social Media Ads 

• Design for Online Content 

- visual content for websites 
- e-catalogues
- banners

- logos


• Direct Marketing

- magazine ads
- leaflets & brochures
- catalogues 

Email campaigns I create for my clients can reach up to 32% click-through-rate

(10x higher than the eCommerce industry average) and can increase e-commerce conversion rate by 700% (YOY).

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