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Chat GPT. Some argue it’s not the most intelligent AI tool, yet data doesn’t lie: launched on 30th November 2022, it has already amassed an impressive 1.6 billion users.

As a small business owner you may ask yourself how to use this tool to speed up your processes for higher cost effectiveness.

Depending on your company profile, here are some ways that you can incorporate Chat GPT into your everyday tasks:

• Start using it as a tool to write SEO friendly titles and captions of your social media posts. A bit like the tool I talked about two weeks, the Hootsuite free caption generator, Chat GPT can also write your titles

• Write expert-tone blog entries and articles to increase your brand visibility, organically generated visits to your website

• Use Chat GPT to generate cold emails to your potential clients to grow your business faster.

• Write email copy

• Translate your content into other languages to reach international markets.

Disclaimer: this post was not written by Chat GPT but I’m tempted to insert it in this tool to see what happens.

In the meantime, if you need any help with your email marketing, e-commerce strategy, need a new Shopify or Wix site, need help with your social media, DM me here with your requirements.

Until next time,

Digital Maman x


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